Crucial Accessories for Your Banjo!

Here is a video of some crucial items to have with you and your banjo. I’ve also included several items and learning tools that I’ve used along the way.

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  • Ryan


    You might try raising or lowering your banjo by tightening and loosening the strap. This will pitch your banjo in a different direction. You just need to make sure that your strap goes under the heel of the neck and attaches to the pot on the bottom side of the banjo. This will cradle the neck of your banjo and hold it upright. Hope this helps. Thanks, Ryan

  • flattail


    Great info Ryan as always. How do you attach your strap so that the banjo is positioned properly such that you can easily see the frets etc.? The way my strap is connected leaves the banjo facing too much away from me (towards the floor). Thanks, Dave.

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