How to Play “Cumberland Gap” on the Banjo


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In this banjo lesson we cover the great instrumental called Cumberland Gap. We will be adding another video banjo lesson that will cover several expert level banjo licks that you can add to this tune.

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Warren Rolek

Can I get the tabs for Cumberland Gap?


This is the same question I just sent as an email. I am an 80 yr old “student. I have been playing (trying to play) for about 2 yrs. I am somewhat isolated with no teacher in the area. part of the time I have high speed access and part of the time I must use very slow “dial up” access to the Inet. So anything that I must use “on line” is not very useful.
Can I download your lessons to my PC and then copy them to a CD or DVD that I can then play on my CD/DVD player for practice??? Of ourse it would be for my use only. I find the CD/DVD player to be very good for my practice. Please advise.
Bruce S

john rowe

hey ryan thanks for the free lessons love cumberland gap i will as soon as i can afford it join full time things are tuff at the moment as i am on a pension as you can appreciate love your work told my friends about you and posted it on face book hear from you soon john rowe


Hi Ryan,
I normally find it difficult trying to play without tag but as a beginner watching your videos I am progressing better than by going through the books. Thanks for a wonderful site.

Mike Cairns

Hi Ryan, I have been away from your site for ages and I am reasonably new to playing. I find it difficult playing without the tabs but when I got stuck in to Cumberland gap with the lesson I managed to get it with a lot of patience.
Awesome site and I won’t be leaving it again. Thanks for everything.

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