Dueling Banjo Tabs

With the conclusion of our dueling banjo lesson series I wanted to post the tablature to the fast part of the song as promised. This piece of tab is written in tabledit format. You will have to have tabledit software to view these tabs.

Click here to download the fast part.

Here is a link to the dueling part found on banjohangout.com.

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  • Ryan


    Hello, send me an email at ryan@banjoexpert.com and I’ll be happy to give you a one on one lesson on backup. There’s a lot to it that I think you’ll like. Thanks, Ryan

  • Ryan


    Hello, thanks for your interest in our lessons. The only way I currently start memberships is through paypal. You might want to have a friend sign you up and them pay them back. This might work good for you. Thanks Ryan

  • bill


    I have been banjoing for more than 50 years (11 years in a BG band) but tasteful up-the-neck backup has eluded me – what can you offer?


  • Tom


    Adrian just form your fingers to the shape of the chord then pull off and try to retain the shape then put them back down. worked for me! Tom

  • adian marston


    giday, got a banjo for xmas off the family. never played a musical instrument in my life (now 48). my question, i’m wanting to learn. find it easier being guided through, one string at a time. be it a forward or backward role, 3-2-1, 4-1-2. thats how it seems to work best for me. with the left hand, i find that a little harder, fingers get in the way of each other. can you help. cheers Adrian

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