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"Hi Ryan, just wanted to say keep up the good work and I've found a new place to visit, can't wait until tomorrow to try out some of the new licks.
(Don't want to wake up the whole house!)"

"I noticed your compact right-hand finger movement, this is something I definitely did not have before and will try to acquire now. I am hoping this will improve my drive."

"I've been looking for a site like this for a while."

"Hello Ryan. I was so thrilled when I discovered your site."

"I can't seem to find a tutor anywhere and I can't read music. These lessons are perfect, thanks!"

"Well I have been playing banjo for just over twelve months now and practice for hours every day , even got someone that teaches me every week.
I personally think your web site is great and easy to follow."

"Ryan, thanks for taking the time to put up such a great site!"
Bill (Illinois)

"Ryan, I have really enjoyed the video lessons and podcast. Thanks for all your hard work. I'll be looking forward to future lessons."

"Ryan - I just came across your website and must say I was impressed - I recently picked the banjo back up after not playing for a few years - I really like your style of teaching."

"Ryan - I have already found your first video very helpful and have begun practicing in earnest! Looking forward to the next"

"Ryan - I have seen your videos on U-tube and am impressed with your playing. I was curious if you gave private lessons?"

"Ryan I really appreciate your stuff, and look forward to more."

"Thanks for being so personable."

"You do a great job of instructing and the quality of your videos is excellent! I look forward to learning more from what you have to offer."

"You seem like a really down to earth guy , easy to listen to and someone I can trust to put me on the right training schedule to play bluegrass on the banjo .
So, I will do as instructed and hope to make some music & inspire my family & friends."
Jeffrey T.

"Your website is very informative and a super useful tool! Thanks."
Jason P.

"What fun! I never thought of myself as "musical" but you've brought out something inside of me which is bringing a great deal of joy.
So a huge "THANK YOU" for your encouragement and very easy-to-follow videos."
Andrew C.

"I love the video lessons and it really helps to see how effortlessly you play. I especially like your blues licks. Thanks for all your efforts. You have really got me feeling I can master this instrument."

"I am really eager to get into your material. It looks very comprehensive."

"I just joined Banjo Expert.com, and in just 3 hours I learned more than the lessons I took a couple of years ago.

I have a Deering Calico and have wanted to learn for several years. What you charge for the whole package is less than I paid for just two lessons.

I'm really looking forward to learning. You are excellent in explaining the basics. Thanks for this site."

It is nice to find a real honest hard working guy that really cares about his members, and really wants them to learn how to play the banjo.

Happy new year Ryan...keep up the good work..you are making so many people happy.

All this for $47.00 lifetime? I fear I'll be arrested for highway robbery!

I hope to go on and teach others in the same spirit as you.

By the way, got inspired to start writing my first song based on a discussion thread on the site. Thanks so much.
Jim G.

Hi Ryan, I have been away from your site for ages and I am reasonably new to playing. I got stuck in to Cumberland gap but I managed to get it. :) Awesome site and I won't be leaving it again. Thanks for everything.

Dear Friend,

Hello, you've just found the ultimate video banjo lesson web site!

My name is Ryan and I've been studying the pros for over 20 years. My goal is to share their banjo secrets with you!

You will be amazed at how simple some of those tricky sounding licks are to play. Most of them can be played with just a few minutes of instruction, and I'm going to teach you exactly how it's done.

Why are Ryan's lessons right for you?

  • No more traveling to a music store teacher.
  • No scheduling lessons around your busy life.
  • No Pressure! Learn at your own pace.
  • Access all videos from any computer online.
  • Past lesson archived for your convenience.
  • 24/7 access to Ryan via email and text.
  • You can now request video lessons.

What will I learn?

  • How to tune fast and accurate every time
  • Proper hand positioning
  • How to change your strings, the right way
  • How to play with dynamics
  • The mystery of Drive. What makes it happen.
  • Standard tunes to impress your friends
  • How to make your banjo sound better!
  • Tricky, hard-to-find, jaw dropping licks!
  • How play faster than you ever expected

What will I get?

  • New Video Banjo Lessons Each Week! This is the pride and joy of our Membership Site. What a value! More than 4 new lessons per month for less than a Happy Meal. You can't beat that price anywhere!
  • Immediate Access to Ryan's Private Email Address. Your questions answered 24/7. Get a email response to your question within 24 hours. Usually in just minutes. There's no better way to learn the banjo than to have an advanced teacher at your beckon call.
  • Ryan's Private Cell Phone Number: You can contact me anytime!Your own personal mentor, when you need it.
  • BONUS: You get our tablature e-book totally FREE!!! After signup you'll be able to download all of Ryan's tabs in tabledit form on the Member's page.

This e-book contains 25 of Ryan’s favorite licks ranging from his version of “Cabbage”, to chord transitions, to endings and even his famous fifty dollar lick. Plus 12 bonus tabs. This tab e-book package includes the following tabs

1. Cabbage (part 1)
2. Cabbage Lesson (part 2)
3. 3rd to 1st string stretch
4. G to C transition
5. C to G transition
6. 1st string walk-down ending
7. Chromatic Bluesy walk-down from 1st string
8. C bending transition to G (play it upbeat)
9. “The $50.00 lick” (here’s the big one, enjoy!)
10. Very bluesy, right hand alternating, 3rd and 4th string lick
11. Cool chromatics below the 5th fret. 1990’s style.
12. Double pull-off, crank hard on the pull-offs
13. Soft sync pinch ending.
14. 5th fret chromatics (good middle of the song lick)
15. Ending to C chord (use this to end a song in the key of C)
16. Nice little happy chromatic lick
17. Walk down from the 1st string.
18. Standard blues style 3rd and 1st fret lick
19. Great bluegrass banjo ending. This is one of your standby’s
20. D6 roll
21. G bend to the end (ends in a G chord)
22. G to C back to G lick (can be used in tons of songs)
23. G slide ending
24. Transition fro D to C near the end of a song
25. Chord G then walk up the neck to C

Bonus tabs
1. The hammer pull-off
2. Sharp hammers to hammer pull-off
3. Train 45 style hammer-ons to give the extra flare.
4. Alternating waltz up to C from G
5. G to C transition
6. D string pull, 2nd to 1st fret to open
7. Slide Ending
8. Up the neck walk down to a C chord
9. Standard ending high up the neck.
10. Up the neck doodles
11. D to G lick (up the neck)
12. Chromatic lick (1st line in the key of A, 2nd line in the key of G)

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