Single String Backup Banjo Lick!

This is an awesome backup banjo lick. You will use it all the time in banjo playing. Try this lick all over the neck from the low F chord all the way up the neck.

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  • Ryan


    Hello Suigeneris, Thanks so much for the comment. Try taking this lick very slowly and then speeding it up as you start to memorize the lick. Once you have it memorized in your head you’ll move much quicker. Remember some licks take longer. Don’t feel like you have to have it down the first day, but once you learn it you’ll never forget it. Ryan 🙂

  • suigeneris


    Hi Ryan,
    Thank for all the great videos. I’m not so sure if this one is beginners. Wow! Single string it may be, but it involves some very difficult left hand fretting work for a beginner.

    Can you maybe demonstrate how best to hold that left hand so that all the four fingers can stretch across and over the three frets? Is there a way of building up to this level of left hand work. I would love to learn this lick.

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