Skype Banjo Lessons Now Available!

Hello, we are now offering skype banjo lessons. All you need is a webcam and headphones to get started. Here’s how it works.

1. Contact me to schedule your first lesson. email:, phone/text: 317-459-8865
2. Sign up on skype. Create a username and familiarize yourself with skype. (It’s very easy)
3. If you don’t already have them, make sure you have a webcam and a set of headphones.
4. We’ll have our first lesson! 🙂


  • Ryan


    Stephen, I’d love to help you polish up those more technical licks. The webcam lessons are really the best way to learn quickly. I tell you what, send me an email at with your skype name and we’ll do a lesson. If it works for you then we’ll continue. If you find it’s not then it’s no charge. My skype id is ryancrist.

  • Stephen Plourd


    Hi Ryan…just came across your site. Though i have been playing banjo for upwards of 15 years….i self taught myself all that i know and because of that i feel like some stuff got lost along the way…mainly in chromatic licks….backup techniques…etc. sure i can play in the key of g and a…but other keys sure dont work as well. i live in nh and as such dont find many bluegrass banjo teachers. this skype idea sounds awesome! im wondering what you charge…i just want to round the corners of my playing and learn those techniques and licks that the big boys know. i would consider myself intermediate to advanced level. can you give me an idea whether you think this would be a good match? i am about to start teaching mandolin to a guy…maybe the money i earn from that can help pay for these lessons? im just picking your brain…tossing it around in mine. thanks for your reply…great site btw!

    stephen….25 years old.

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