Two SECRET Backup Banjo Patterns!

This video will show you two patterns that you can play every time you go up the neck. You’ll use these patterns in backup and solos as well. Do NOT miss this lesson. It’s critical that you know these patterns.

Just another one of Ryan’s top rated banjo lessons! Enjoy.

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  • wally


    Ryan, I have a copy of Jim Mills playing “Rebecca” and I am having trouble getting the pull offs correct. Do you have the tab for “Rebecca”? If you do, I would like to get it. I have seen your video about the c-lick and can play that lick. Help me if you will.


  • Bob Sewell


    Speaking about the chords. I learned these chords before I even knew what they were called. Then I discovered that Janet Davis in her book “Up-the-neck” by Mel Bay, refers to them as “Root” F chord, Inversion, which is the D chord, and the Barred position.
    I thought that was a good name for me to use when teaching, so that’s what I do. Then there is the Minor position. Keep up the good work.

  • Rick Walters


    Hi Ryan,

    Loved the chord pattern lessons.
    I was siting down last night and just starting to figure this pattern out. Glad you presented it so clearly.



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