What Are Your Favorite Banjo Strings?

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People often ask what banjo strings to use. I order these Martin Vega (lights) in bulk from first quality music store.

It’s where I buy 90% of my banjo supplies. You couldn’t find better people to buy from.

I just felt inclined to pass this along in case you are having a similar question.


  • Jason Edwards


    What’s up, brother? I like the Martins, but the most bang for your buck (unless you are compulsive about changing your strings all the time) are the Elixir strings. They’re pricey, but they last FOREVER!

  • rleeds


    Hey Ryan, I was wondering about the pros and cons of lights vs mediums? I’ve thought about changing to lights just to kill a little bottom end in G. Would love to hear your thoughts on the differences. Tone,tightness,overall speed of lights ect.

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