What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Banjo Songs?

We all have some favorite banjo tunes. Comment below and let us know your top 5 favorite banjo picking songs whether you play them yet or not.


1. Earls Breakdown
2. Doug’s Tune
3. Peaches n’ Cream
4. White Water
5. Up on the Blue Ridge

16 thoughts on “What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Banjo Songs?”

  1. Daniel, sounds like you are definitely on the right track! The more you play with people the better you’ll become. Pickers who are better than you will make you a better picker. Do all you can to play with pickers who push you. Playing with those who are better than you will always help you progress quickly.

  2. I am sixteen and i have been playing for about a year but i basically taught myself I learned all my chords first and now I am playing at my church by picking some rolls along with our church song. You have any suggestions to help make me a better picker

  3. Just started 8 months ago.

  4. Earl’s Break Down
    Down The Road
    Foggy Mountain Break Down (Sorta)
    Blue Ridge Cabin Home (Sorta)
    Cripple Creek
    Worried Man Blues
    Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow
    BlackBerry Blossom
    Cumberland Gap

  5. Dropkick Murphys – That state of Massachusetts
    The Dubliners – Rocky Road to Dublin
    and a few other that i don’t remember at the moment

  6. Thanks Tom. Sorry to hear about your mother. You’ll learn some good tunes here on the site. We have a ton of video lessons packed in to the member’s area. Let me know if you need anything or if you want a private lesson via skype.

  7. am 75 and starting to learn banjo – my mom passed away recently and played banjo mandolin in Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada – I’m in New Brunswick and just getting started and looking forward to learning tunes and jamming

  8. Banjo Signal
    Blackberry Blossom
    Amazing Grace
    A medley I created!

  9. Hi Ryan, Been away for awhile, but I’m back , my favorites are,
    Dougs Tune
    Banjo in the Holler
    Earls Breakdown
    Dueling Banjo’s
    Shuckin th Corn,
    Thanks for keeping my interest up for playing the Banjo

  10. 1. Black Diamond
    2. Coal Creek March
    3. Red-eyed Bennyhen
    4. Bells of St. Mary’s
    5. Bully of the Town

  11. Ryan, I’m 47 years old and have just started playing the banjo. Have loved it my whole life and always wanted to learn how. Seems to be real slow for me, but I’m trying to be persistent. I have a local instructor and I’m using your site as well. The songs I’ve listed below are the first ones I want to learn how to play and are my top five favorites. I’m working on Cripple Creek and Amazing Grace now. I have been working on them for about six weeks now.

    My five favorites are:
    1) Cripple Creek
    2) Amazing Grace
    3) Rocky Top
    4) Ballad of Jed Clampett
    5) Foggy Mountain Breakdown

  12. Good to hear that you are taking on the banjo. Please keep me posted on your progress. Send me a pic of you and your banjo. I’ll post it on the site. I’d like to hear more of your story.

  13. Still learning, been picking now for about two and a years. Retired and am 70
    yrs. old. So it’s takeing me some extra time.

  14. 1. Earnest T. Grass
    2. Pike County Breakdown
    3. Orange Blossom Special
    4. I’m Using My Bible As a Roadmap
    5. Home Sweet Home

  15. Blackberry Blossom (not yet)
    Little Maggie (sorta)
    Foggy Mountain Breakdown (closing in)
    Reuben’s Train (not even attempted yet)
    Ground Speed (simple slow version…)

  16. Some of my favorite are 1 Sled Ride
    2 Old Joe Clark
    3 Just a Closer Walk with Thee
    4 Steam Powered Airplane
    5 Santa Clause

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